November 2018: I have been nominated member of the Advisory group of the EU/JP ThoR (TeraHertz end-to-end wireless systems supporting ultra high data Rate applications) project. More info on the project here:

July 2018: Plenary meeting of NECOS project, in Natal (Brazil).

July 2018: Plenary meeting of 5G-TRANSFORMER project, in Berlin (Germany).

July 2018: Kick-off of 5GPPP Phase III project 5G-EVE, in Turin (Italy).

June 2018: Presentation about NECOS project, entitled “Federating MEC and Telco Cloud environments for multi-domain slice provision”, in the workshop on Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G, at EuCNC 2018, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

April 2018: Keynote at the IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium, in Taipei, Taiwan ( Slides available here

March 2018: Participation in IETF #101, London, UK.

March 2018: Already finished 5GPPP Phase I project 5G-Crosshaul is successfully evaluated.

February 2018: 5G Bearer tests successfully performed with Huawei in Telefónica Future Networks Lab (Madrid, Spain).

February 2018: Second phase on 5G Transport tests successfully performed with ZTE.

January 2018: Presentation on “5G Convergent Transport Networks” in the Telefónica – Huawei Transport Summit, in Madrid, Spain.

December 2017: 5GPPP Phase I project 5G-Crosshaul finishes.

November 2017: Kick-off of EU-BR project NECOS (, where I will act as leader of the WP2 on System Requirements.

November 2017: eXhaul tests successfully performed with Ericsson at 5TONIC lab.

November 2017: 5G Transport tests successfully performed with ZTE.

October 2017: Named co-rapporteur of ETSI MEC report on MEC support for network slicing (DGR/MEC-0024NWslicing). Details here.

October 2017: Two talks at the 39th meeting of the Wireless Word Research Forum ( in Castelldefels, Spain: “Telefonica path towards 5G – exploration of new capabilities for transport networks”, and “Slicing across multiple administrative domains”.

October 2017: Keynote at the 3rd Open International Workshop on Elastic Networks and 5G organized by the Spanish academic interest group ElasticNetworks (

July 2017: End of the research stage at the University of Tokyo.

July 2017: Workshop proposal COntrol and Management of network slices for VERTicals (COMVERT) accepted to be co-located to the 2018 IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (, Barcelona, Spain.

June 2017: Talk at the University of Tokyo entitled “The ingredients of the new networks – SDN, NFV and Slicing in the evolution towards 5G”

June 2017: Beginning of a research stage on network softwarization and 5G at the University of Tokyo under the supervision of Prof. Akihiro Nakao.

June 2017: Kick-off of 5G-Transformer (

May 2017: Organization of the First Industrial Workshop of 5GEx with the title “Mult-provider NFV: Towards a Coopetitive Service Ecosystem – The 5G Exchange Approach”, co-located with the Network Virtualization Europe 2017 event (

April 2017: Talk at Telefonica Business Solutions event “DECIDE” about SDN initiatives in the Telefonica group.

March 2017: 5G-TRANSFORMER project is granted by the European Commission in the framework of the H2020 programme.

March 2017: Participation in IETF #98, Chicago, USA.

February 2017: Participation in the ONF Interim meeting, Heidelberg, Germany.

January 2017: Lecturer in the new edition of the Master in NFV and SDN, organized by the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, with the collaboration of Ericsson, addressing the topics of “Introduction to SDN”, “NFV Infrastructure”, and “Service Function Chaining” (

December 2016: ONF Microwave Information Model has been published. Happy of having contributed to this great milestone. The model is available here:

Also, the whitepaper describing the third PoC has been made available at

December 2016: The patent “System and method to trigger cross-layer optimizations in a network” has been granted. Details about the patent in

October 2016: Successful third PoC on SDN for Wireless Transport Networks, hosted by AT&T in New Jersey, USA (Panel hold at AT&T auditorium available at

October 2016: Talk entitled “Microwave POC overview and demo” as part of the Workshop on OpenDayLight and NFV/SDN Orchestration at the 5TONIC Laboratory, Leganés, Spain (available at

July 2016: Participation in IETF #96, Berlin, Germany.

June 2016: “Best NFV/SDN Solution” award in the LTE & 5G World Awards 2016 ( for the work done around SDN applied to transport technologies with end to end scope (from access to core, including wireless and wired technologies).

June 2016: Appointed Editor of the document “Gap Analysis for Application-Driven Cross Stratum Orchestration” as part of the work in ONF’s Cross Stratum Orchestration project.

June 2016: Talk entitled “Connecting Multiple SDN/NFV Administrative Domains”, at the 4th Annual Network Virtualization & SDN Europe event, Madrid, Spain (

May 2016: Talk entitled “Control Plane for High Capacity Networks”, at the “V International Workshop on Trends in Optical Technologies”, Campinas-São Paulo, Brazil (

April 2016: Second Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept accomplished with success. Congratulations to Thorsten Heinze (@ Telefónica Germany) for the organization and coordination.

January 2016: Appointed lecturer in the Master in NFV and SDN, organized by the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid, with the collaboration of Ericsson, addressing the topics of “Introduction to SDN”, “NFV Infrastructure”, and “Service Function Chaining” (

November 2015: Two talks, entitled “5G Backhauling” and “Operational, organizational and business challenges for network operators in the context of SDN and NFV”, respectively, at FUSECO Forum, Berlin, Germany (

October 2015: First Wireless Transport SDN Proof of Concept ( accomplished with success.