I’m a telecom engineer with 20+ years of experience in different companies, including leader network operators and equipment manufacturers, and covering a wide range on functions, like research, consultancy and product development.

Short Bio

Luis M. Contreras completed a six-year Telecom Engineer degree (M.Sc.) at the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid (1997), holds an M. Sc. on Telematics jointly by the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid and the Universitat Politècnica of Catalunya (2010), and a Ph. D. on Telematics by the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid (2021). In 1997 he joined Alcatel Spain taking several positions (R&D, standardization, product development and customer engineering) in both wireless and fixed network fields. In 2006 he joined the Network Planning department of Orange Spain (France Télécom group) taking responsibilities on the IP backbone and Packet Switched Mobile Core (SGSN, GGSN) planning, and being Internet peering technical manager. Between 2002 and 2010 he was also adjunct lecturer at the Telematics department of the Universidad Carlos III, where he is currently a Ph.D. student. Since August 2011 he is part of Telefónica I+D / Telefónica CTIO, working on SDN, transport networks and their interaction with cloud and distributed services, and interconnection topics. He is also active in research and innovation activities participating on the EU FP7 projects GEYSERS and XIFI, the EU H2020 projects 5G-Crosshaul, 5GEx, 5G-Transformer, 5G-EVE, and 5GROWTH, the EU-BR project NECOS, the EU-TW project 5G-Dive, the EU-GNSS project ROOT and the ESA funded project CloudSat. He is active contributor to IETF (authoring five RFCs), ETSI NFV, ETSI MEC, ONF, ITU-T and O-RAN.


  • (Jul.’21)        Ph.D. on Telematics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • (Sep.’10)      M.Sc. on Telematics, jointly by Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • (Feb.’97)      Telecom Engineer (six-years) degree (M.Sc.), Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Professional Experience

This is a short summary of my experience. For a more complete and updated information, please visit my LinkedIn site:

August, 2011 – present
Telefonica I+D / Global CTO Unit / Telefónica
Technology Expert / Technology and Planning of Transport, IP and Interconnection Networks

As part of this corporate global area, my responsibilities are twofold: (1) to provide technical and technological support to different Telefónica organizations for guidance on their network evolutions in the short and medium term; and (2) to develop new research and innovation ideas for next generation networks supporting the Telefónica business in the medium and long term.

Detailed activities include:

• Technology (short- and medium-term):
– Participation in global initiatives affecting transport networks (IP, transmission, and backhaul) and network interconnection (Internet transit and peering, CDN).
– Support to distinct groups within Telefónica (Procurement, Regulation, technical departments of local operations in Europe and Latam, transversal organizations, etc).
– Definition and update of global guidelines for network architecture in the transport area (IP, transmission, mobile backhaul, etc), and contribution to the network strategy plan in the transport area.
– Techno-economic analysis of network evolution scenarios.
– Frequent contact with vendors for technological advise, product roadmap and upgrade, strategy review, etc.

• Innovation (medium- and long-term):
– Research on Software Defined Networks (SDN), transport networks (IP, transmission, mobile backhaul), and their interaction with cloud and distributed services.
– Active contribution to standardization bodies like IETF, ONF and ETSI.
– Participation in the EU-funded projects such as FP7 GEYSERS, FI-PPP XIFI, and H2020 projects 5G-Crosshaul and 5GEx. Aditionally, participation in ESA-funded project CloudSat.
– Collaboration with vendors, research centers and universities for developing new ideas and research proposals.

March, 2006 – August, 2011
Orange (France Télécom Spain) / Domestic Network Factory
Senior Network Engineer / IP Backbone & Mobile Packet Core Network Planning

In this position I worked on the planning and dimensioning for the IP backbone, access network and Packet Switched Mobile Core (SGSN, GGSN) of the Spanish operation of Orange.

The main functions carried out in this position were:

• IP backbone (edge, core and interconnection) planning and dimensioning for supporting both mobile (GPRS, UMTS, HSDPA, UMA) and fixed (xDSL, IPTV, VoIP, VoD) services for a network with a customer base of 11+ Million subscribers.
• Mobile Packet Core planning and dimensioning (SGSN, GGSN).
• Internet peering technical manager, being also Orange delegate at ESPANIX and CATNIX neutral exchange points, and member of the France Télécom Data Global Peering Committee.
• Short- and mid-term data network architecture and topology evolution, considering capacity needs and geographic network coverage.
• Data network consolidation, including the merge of data networks from other service providers acquired by Orange (Amena,, Al-Pi) in that period.
• Annual network deployment plan and associated budget definition and tracking, and multiannual deployment plan definition for accompanying the network strategy plan.
• Network occupancy monitoring.

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