Current Projects

  • 5G-Transformer (
    • Project objective: Transformation of today’s mobile transport network into an SDN/NFV-based Mobile Transport and Computing Platform (MTP), which brings the “Network Slicing” paradigm into mobile transport networks by provisioning and managing MTP slices tailored to the specific needs of vertical industries.
    • Main role in the project: Leader of Task 1.3 addressing techno-economic implications of 5G-Transformer solution
  • 5G-Exchange (
    • Project objective: The 5GEx project is creating an agile exchange mechanism for contracting, invoking and settling for the wholesale consumption of resources and virtual network services which can be provisioned in less than 90 minutes and rapidly invoked.This will enable network operators, applications providers and other stakeholders in the 5G supply chain to deliver new service value for 5G customers and at the same creating and enhancing revenue-generating potential for 5G providers, third party verticals and others in the supply chain
    • Main role in the Project: Leader of WP2 for Architecture and Use Cases, and leader of Task 5.2 for Standardization
  • 5G-Crosshaul (
    • Project objective: 5G-Crosshaul aims at developing an adaptive, sharable, cost-efficient 5G transport network solution integrating the fronthaul and backhaul segments of the network. This transport network will flexibly interconnect distributed 5G radio access and core network functions, hosted on in-network cloud nodes
    • Main role in the Project: Leader of Task 1.1 on Use Cases and Requirements

Past Projects

  • ESA CloudSat (
    • Project objective: The CloudSat study focuses on the applicability of virtualisation and softwarisation technologies to satcom platforms and determining the benefits and the challenges associated with the integration of satellite infrastructures into future cloud Networks.
    • Main role in the Project: Leader of WP1 devoted to perform an extensive state-of-the-art survey of emerging virtualisation technologies
  • FI-PPP XIFI (tbc)
  • EU FP7 GEYSERS (tbc)